The Web site is the online face of your business.  Website development is a blend of art and technology. However, the website used to be a luxury or an extra service for the business.  But, Currently, the website is the core of any business. However, If I am not wrong, few websites are the business such as Facebook, Google and much more. My point is that, in the current scenario, the website brings the business to your services. Spending a portion of the budget to IT infrastructure in the wisest things for business.

The Website development is depending on the requirement and the type of business. There are many factors which make a website expensive or low-priced. Following few points can help you to understand the story behind this:

  1. Showing basic product description (Cost $100 to $1000)
  2. Showcasing online business and product with payment gateway (Cost $600 to $5000)
  3. Web application which is equipped with various productivity tools (Cost  varies with technology and complexity)


Why is cost different for two developers on the same website?

  1. Type of technology
  2. Security
  3. Maintains after development
  4. Web site framework structure
  5. Use of GNU Licensed or royalty free content
  6. Using open source code
  7. Data security
  8. Google Friendly

As we understand that every business has own priorities. That is why, we make a perfect combination of all above factors for the clients to make project economically and qualitative according the business necessity. Here at Marwal Tech we return “value for money”.

Major Technology we use for Web development and design

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JQuery
  4. PHP
  5. SQL
  6. Phpmyadmin
  7. WordPress
  8. Bootstrap
  9. Drupal
  10. Joomla
  11. Zen cart



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