Marwal Tech will be referred to as “the supplier, “MarwalTech”, “we”, “us”, “our”, “Marwal Tech Pty Ltd. The client will be referred to as “the client”, “you”, “your”.

By committing to purchase the Marwal Tech products, services or solutions described within this

the document you acknowledge that you have read understood and agreed to abide by the following

terms and conditions:

Pricing and Payment

All prices indicated in our quotes are in Australian dollars and do not include any GST or other taxes

unless otherwise stated. SEO campaign contracts require the full payment of that month prior to

commencement of work. Once payment is received, Marwal Tech will begin outlined tasks within 10

business days.

Content and Other Services

Our quote does not include costs associated with photography, domain registration, hosting or setup

fees, or any software or image licensing fees unless otherwise stated. All content will be sent

through for approval before being uploaded online.

Website Modifications and Bug Fixes

We understand that changes are inevitable and we will avoid charging for simple changes during the

build of your project, however, significant changes or additions outside the scope of works provided

in this quote will incur extra design and development charges. We will notify you should this be


While every effort will be taken to ensure all work is bug-free, in the unfortunate circumstance that

there are any bugs, defects, errors or omissions on our behalf, we will fix these as soon as possible.

We will provide this support free of charge for a period of up to four weeks from the completion

date of your project. Any work after this period will be charged at the normal hourly rate of $120.00

(Ex GST).


We require 30 days’ notice to cancel search engine optimisation.


We will not accept any liability for any loss of profit or any other damages resulting from any advice,

information or work is undertaken, including any product, software, website, search engine

optimisation, code or any other material.