CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Customer and service management, task automation is the main component which make human resources more effective and efficient in this competitive business environment. CRM can be a difficult to understand and a challenging task for a small to medium level business due to its built and complexity of business operation pipeline. Small and medium business normally has 5 to 10 employees with no high level of IT operation skills which makes business to avoid this tool. Marwal Tech makes CRM for small to medium level business affordable and easiest to operate for everyday business operation.

How Our CRM is useful for your business

1. Our CRM can make business operation easy and swift

2. On an average for 5 employee business, CRM can save one employee worth of Time and money
3. Full customized according your business environment
4. Cost effective for customization
5. Affordable Hosting or Server
6. Fully Cloud infrastructure
7. Secured by https protocol
8. Open Source Code
9. One time pay and only pay for hosting near future

Cost for CRM:

CRM cost structure vary from business to business. Customization cost you fortune sometime but at Marwal Tech, we do customization at a reasonable prize. Hosting, Server, Cloud cost is varying from service to service. Normally, it is in between $50 to $200 for a month.