Cloud Computing is the next generation concept of IT infrastructure. Marwal Tech has been working on various cloud services from the start of the cloud concept. Google Cloud, Amazon Cloud, IBM Cloud services are the major players in cloud computing technology. It is a new concept which allows small to medium level business to access high-end infrastructure, hardware, software at a reasonable cost. The best thing about the cloud is that you can enhance or reduce your computing capacity at any point in time which gives tremendous power to the businesses.

What Government of Queensland  think about cloud as an enterprise: “We have updated the ICT Strategy to include a Cloud Computing Implementation Model to make Queensland Government a cloud-first enterprise.” (source:


What’s so great about the cloud?

  1. fast Implementation
  2. No up-front costs
  3. Instant scalability
  4. Maintenance free
  5. Access anywhere
  6. Better security

Major Cloud Server Provider and approx. Costing

Cloud Provider Cloud Server summary Per Month
1 Google   Custom Machine 1 GB RAM / 1x CPU $21
2 AWS   EC2 m3.medium + 20 GB SSD EBS $51
3 Microsoft   F1 ( 2GB RAM) $37
4 Rackspace Hosting   General 1-2 SSD (2 GB RAM)  $54