Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) And SEO

AMP Pages is an open source project which is started by Google. AMP pages are the solution for the websites who are struggling to get mobile-friendly web pages and wanted to get better ranking in the organic search results.
In the current scenario, getting better ranking on search results is an essential task for any business who wanted to boost the growth of the company.
Now, the question arises!! How???
There are many factors which decide the overall presence of any website or business throughout the internal. For example,

A Secure and Accessible Website
Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
Mobile Friendliness
Domain Age, URL, and Authority
Optimised Content
Technical SEO
User Experience
Social Media presence
nd Many others

Here, Accessibility, Page Speed and mobile friendliness are the most core factors, which plays a critical role for Google to decide the ranking of your business. That is why Google comes with a new web framework which focuses mainly on speed and mobile friendliness.

Now the question arises “difference between other web technologies and AMP ??”
Accelerated Mobile Pages project aims to load webpages faster as compare to other traditional web technologies such as WordPress or bootstrap. AMP removes fancy features such as heavy graphics or attractive designs, that makes content mobile-friendly and faster to load on slow speed mobile browsers. And because Google backs it, AMP pages frequently indexed which improves visibility of web page.
Google pushing hard for mobile-friendly web pages and give them priorities. That is why It is wise for a business to adopt this technology ASAP.

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